Objective: To ensure that access to community based health education and care for women and children are improved.

- Community based health education talks
- Monitoring of activities of DEC Community Based Health Workers.
- Carried out mobile clinics in rural communities.
- Training and re-training of both old and new community health workers.

- 265 Persons participated (where 231 are Women, 45 are men, and 5 are youth) in 2 communities (Ezinesi and Oduma) participated and benefited in the awareness talk on HIV/AIDS prevention education, High Blood Pressure (HBP) and menopause, consequences.
- The Blood Pressure of all these persons were checked and counseling and referrals were given to those whose blood pressure is high.
- One thousand Three hundred and thirteen (1313) community members comprising of 202Women, 72Men and 13 Youths) in Amanasato community in Aninri LGA in Enugu State participated in the health talks on HIV/AIDS prevention , breast cancer, prostrate cancer, and hyenia. By this exercise, awareness was created on the causes, effects, signs/symptoms, and prevention of these diseases.
- One hundred and ninety six (196) persons in Aguamede community in Ishielu LGA in Ebonyi State benefited in the health talk on pre & post natal care. 170 are women, 23 are men and 3 are youth.
- At Nkalaha in Ishielu LGA in Ebonyi State, a health talk on female genital mutilation was given to eighty four (84) persons comprising of 65 women, 15 men and 4 youth.
- At Ugwuleshi community in Awgu LGA in Enugu State, there was Health talk on infant mortality and women’s menopause and its consequences. One hundred and sixty two (162) community members attended (women were 133, men were 19and youths were – 10 in number).
- Also at Opi in Nsukka LGA in Enugu State, One hundred and twenty (120) community members were educated on menopause and infant mortality. Majority of the participants are the women with 93 in number followed by the men – 19 and youth with only 10 people.
- Also at Nnewenta in Awgu LGA in Enugu State a total of one hundred and twenty seven (127) community members comprising of (women were 117, men were 4 and youth were 6 in number) that participated in the health talk on reproductive health and infant mortality.
- At Ehandiagu in Nsukka LGA, Enugu State, a total of two hundred and fifteen (215) community members were educated on the consequences of high blood pressure;in attendance were 153 women,39 men and 23 youths
- At Amokwu and Obinagu Affa Community about one hundred and forty (140) community members were educated on nutrition and diets, and consequences of high blood pressure.
- In Awhum community in Udi LGA, Enugu State, eighty five persons
(80 women and 5 men) were enlightened on menopause and high blood pressure. They were also tested to find out their health status as regards HBP.
- In Imilike Etiti in Udenu LGA, Enugu State and a total of ninety six (96) people educated on breast cancer and prostrate cancer, causes, signs, effects and preventive measures.

In Obeagu and Amaezu communities a total of two hundred and eighteen (218) community members were enlightened on nutrition and diet, menopause and breast cancer, - causes, signs/symptoms and the preventive measures.

2. MONITORING OF ACTIVITIES OF DEC HEALTH WORKERS Several monitoring visits was conducted within this period under review to all the communities participating in DEC’s health Programme.
DEC’s community health workers carried out health education talks in schools, and health centres in their communities.

A total of five thousand, two hundred and forty six (5,246) persons benefited from the activities of the 25 community health workers in seventeen (17) communities being reported on during this period.
Among these figure are (School children =3,054, youth =354, women= 1661 and men=177).
Health issues bordering on malaria, HIV/AIDS prevention, HBP, anaemia, poor nutrition for children, maternal mortality and infant mortality were among the health issues discussed with the participants.


DEC Medical team comprises of a medical doctor/consultant and nurses carried out mobile clinic in 16 communities in Enugu and Ebonyi States during this period under review.
A total of Three thousand, Two Hundred and Forty Seven (3,247) patients were diagnosed and treated of different ailments.
A total of One Thousand, Eight Hundred and forty school children were dewormed in their schools; while 1,160 patients were diagnosed and treated of ailments such as malaria, STI, Anaemia, worm infestation, blood sugar, HBP, among others.

- A total of twelve (12) patients were given referral to specialist gynaecologists, and orthopedic hospitals for ailments that cannot be handled through DEC’ mobile clinic program.

Thirty one (31) health workers WORKING in Twenty one (21) communities were trained on emerging health issues on some ailments so that they will be updated on these current issues. The training was conducted at DEC Headquarters in Enugu. The training lasted for 15 days.

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